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About Us

Our company was established in 2012 with the approach of promoting food safety and helping to increase productivity by a group of experts and researchers in the fields of agriculture, biotechnology, industrial engineering and chemistry.


In recent years, instead of diverse products that confuse farmers in product selection, Creser has promoted its best crop, which is enriched organic liquid fertilizer. The company’s strategy is to produce limited fertilizers that can meet most of the plant nutritional needs. To provide. In fact, fewer products with wider performance.


Creser is a completely organic and nature-friendly product that not only improves soil performance and healthy crop production, but also does not harm animals or surface or subsurface water.


Before entering the market, crescent products are periodically and continuously tested by experts in greenhouses and farms under the supervision of the company so that you can use the company’s products with peace of mind.


Creser’s goal is to change the consumption pattern of agricultural fertilizers from chemical to organic so that we can see an improvement in yield and increase the quality of agricultural products.