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What Crecer Do?

A Complete Absorbable Complex of Nutrients

By applying Crecer you add considerable amounts of micro- and macro-nutrients and amino acids to the growth medium. Do not forget that only absorbable nutrients of fertilizers can be useful to plants. Since Crecer contains nothing but organic matter of plant origin, its ingredients are completely absorbable by plants.

Help adjust soil pH

Professional farmers know that unadjusted soil pH is one of the main problems in plant nutrition. Roots absorb the highest percentages of nutrients when pH is about 6-6.5. Farmers in many countries use acidifying fertilizers to lower pH. This will reduce soil acidity and may increase yield in the short run. However, we should not forget that the soil is a living system and, if acids are used to lower its pH, they will degrade its structure and kill its microorganism. Crecer biologically adjusts soil pH and restores the soil and provides nutrients for the microorganisms over time.

Facilitation of Soil Nutrients Uptake by the Roots

Have you ever wondered why most of the nutrients you apply to the soil do not enter plants? Why are the environment and groundwater becoming more polluted by the day? You probably know the answer: the nutrients applied to the soil are not absorbed by plants and are leached (that is, are moved by water beyond the root zone). Not only does Crecer help improve nutrient absorption and increase crop yield but it also reduces use of chemical fertilizers and thereby decreases the damage they inflict on the environment. This liquid fertilizer contains substances such as folic acid that establish a relationship between the rhizosphere and the soil nutrients. In this relationship, the nutrients required by plants stick to the soil particles and hence are not leached.

Provision of Soil Organic Matter

Presence of a dynamic living system in the soil is one of the most important principles of organic farming. Industrialization of agriculture and the pressure exerted on fields to maximize crop yields has continuously lowered soil organic matter content thereby reducing the populations of soil microorganisms. Uncontrolled utilization of soil resources does not give the soil the opportunity to reconstruct and restore itself. The Crecer liquid fertilizer contains a considerable percentage of organic matter and thus accelerates soil restoration in the soil in your farm. Through increasing soil organic matter content, Crecer helps improve plant nutrition and increases the microorganism populations in the soil, which in turn improve crop yields on your farm.

Biological control

In addition to restoring soil microorganisms by creating a competition between them and the pathogens in the rhizosphere for nutrients, Crecer increases plant resistance to diseases.