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What is Crecer?

Most fertilizers available in the global fertilizer market are applied to soils to provide the nutrients that plants need or are recommended to farmers just for amending soil structure. All large international companies in this market offer various types of fertilizers. Contrary to other fertilizer companies that by introducing several similar products with relatively identical specifications confuse farmers, our company provides an easy-to-use fertilizer for all different stages of plant growth. Application of Crecer in non-organic farming can help farmers largely diminish the use of chemical fertilizers and increase plant growth, flower production, root development and, eventually, crop yield. In addition, Crecer can function as the main pillar of organic farming. In fact, it amends soil structure and simultaneously meets plant nutrient demand. Crecer is also completely organic and eco-friendly and not only helps to improve soil performance and grow healthy crops but also inflicts no damage on animals and groundwater and surface water resources. Crops grown using Crecer are tested periodically and continuously in greenhouses and fields under the supervision of our experts before they are marketed so that consumers can be sure of their safety. The purpose in introducing Crecer is to replace chemical fertilizers by an organic one in order to improve yield and quality of agronomic and horticultural crops. We are not claiming that Crecer satisfies all soil and plant demands under any conditions, but it will certainly meet most soil demands and improve crop yield even under the most unfavorable conditions. Bear in mind that not even one non-organic element is used in producing Crecer so that it contains only organic matter of plant origin.